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Key Signs You Could Benefit from a New Driveway

With decades of shared experience in block paving, tarmac, concrete and more, The Groundworks Team Ltd is the ideal choice for your needs. Our driveway specialists understand the need for a firm, stable sub-base and effective drainage, and take the measures needed for the finest results possible. From garden design in Holmfirth with artificial lawns to patio renovations, we are your trusted landscapers.

Read on for just some of the reasons you might need our driveway specialists, or contact us for professional advice. We blend a reliable, friendly approach with expert craftsmanship for outdoor spaces that you will enjoy for years to come.

Broken, Crumbling Surfaces

Over time, even the most reliable driveway in the Holmfirth area can become worn or damaged. Gravel may lose its attractive shine, while block paving cracks and fades – leaving the space devoid of its former visual appeal. As skilled landscapers and driveway specialists, we know how best to install a surface for lasting results and will work to your needs from the outset. Our team carefully removes crumbling blocks and can even extend the driveway for an additional parking space.

Pooling Water After Heavy Rainfall

Any professional with a talent for garden design, artificial lawns and driveway installation can tell you the importance of drainage. For this reason, we make certain that each environment we update in the Holmfirth area can withstand large volumes of rain. Pooling water signals a problematic surface, which will only degrade further unless maintained. We pay meticulous care to all elements, including block paving and gravel surfaces, to keep this from happening.

Expanding Potholes

If you notice a large fissure or pothole, you need the immediate help of reliable landscapers. Our driveway specialists will assess the damage to your Holmfirth landscape with attention to detail. This allows them to suggest the most efficient plan to restore its condition in the longer term. It’s worth noting that water can freeze overnight, which only expands the pothole for further damage.

Customers in Holmfirth and the surrounding areas trust us to prevent future problems through high-quality workmanship. From hard landscapes to artificial lawns and full-scale garden design, we achieve dazzling spaces that you can be proud to call your own.

An Old, Outdated or Unsightly Appearance

Sometimes, you just want a change. Older or poorly crafted driveways will no doubt leave you wanting more. This is where our trusted landscapers and driveway specialists can help. We provide block paving for unique spaces with various colours and attractive motifs – turning overly basic driveways into tailored areas.

This also applies to gardens in Holmfirth and the surrounding areas. If your landscape continues to grow out of hand, we can install pet-friendly artificial lawns, fencing, or work to a new garden design that delivers the ideal summer retreat.

Please call our driveway specialists on 01484 522212. We provide block paving, garden design and artificial lawns to customers in the Holmfirth area.