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Artificial Lawns and Block Paving in Halifax

The Most Popular Driveway Materials in Brief

While our driveway specialists ensure all surfaces meet the highest standards, it’s worth noting that different materials offer a variety of benefits. If your driveway or patio in the Halifax area looks outdated, then our landscapers can give you meaningful advice to help make the right selection. Passionate in garden design and with artificial lawns available, we transform outdoor spaces using the finest materials in the business.

When it comes to driveways, we supply tarmac, concrete, sandstone, block paving and more besides. Our driveway specialists perform sub-base installation with the necessary care and take on all drainage preparation work for stunning results.

So which material should you choose? Below, we discuss the benefits of the more popular options in Halifax and the surrounding locations. If you wish to learn about our garden design services or talk through the surfacing options, please contact our landscapers today.

Block Paving

Renowned for its versatility, block paving comes in various colours, from rich reds to natural greys and browns. Additionally, it’s relatively simple to install for an experienced team with the right level of skill. Property owners often choose this option for its ease of repair – as broken bricks are easy to replace when needed.

Unlike driveways made from tarmac and pebbles, block paving driveways allow for creative surface designs that make for a personalised environment.


Are you looking for a long-term solution from driveway specialists in the Halifax area? Our landscapers offer more than just artificial lawns and garden design services. We also lay tarmac for customers across West Yorkshire. Tarmac is both firm and visually pleasing, with a skid-resistant finish that helps to prevent trips and falls.

Although not as customisable as block paving, tarmac is fast to install and dries quickly. The perfect choice for environmentally conscious homeowners, tarmac can be recycled multiple times.


Preferred by some in the Halifax area for its unique feeling underfoot, gravel lends unrivalled beauty but demands regular maintenance. Concrete, tarmac and block paving all lend a smooth, durable surface. Gravel, on the other hand, gives the driveway a deep, visual style that’s hard to match – even though it needs regrading every year or so.

Gravel is simple to replenish when aggregates run low. It also holds its own against freezing conditions, making it ideal for wintery conditions in Halifax and the surrounding regions. Our driveway specialists provide gravel with a positive approach, working quickly and with minimal disruption.

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Passionate about garden design, artificial lawns and high-performing driveways, our landscapers can take you through the full list of driveway material in detail. Situated near Huddersfield and serving the Halifax area, we offer the following services at competitive rates:

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