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Block Paving in Oldham

Reasons to Seal New Driveways and Patios

Based in Slaithwaite, The Groundworks Team is proud to always deliver excellent workmanship that stands the test of time. From block paving to artificial lawns, whenever our landscapers carry out a garden design, we only ever use the best quality materials from reputable brands. Coupling high-quality products with our skill and experience enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction on any project we undertake in the Oldham area.

However, while we can give you the garden of your dreams, some projects require a fair amount of maintenance work to keep them looking at their best all year round. When it comes to hard landscaping, we believe that sealing patios and driveways is the best way to ensure protection against unsightly weeds and weather damage.

This page details everything you need to know about sealing driveways and patios, as part of a comprehensive garden design or hard landscaping service.

Sealing Block Paving

The incredible strength and durability of pavers makes them an excellent material for use not just in patios around Oldham, but also driveways and even airport runways around the world. They are also quick and easy to install, and only require jointing sand to bind them together, rather than mortar or cement. However, while expert landscapers and driveway specialists like us can create stunning results with block paving, factors like the weather can lead to the erosion of jointing sand, which may result in damaged pavers or unsettling.

Using a sealer or stabiliser will not only combat erosion, but it also has the following added benefits:

Another major benefit of sealing your installation is that it helps to avoid unsightly weed growth between the joints. While this may not be a big issue for some customers in the Oldham area, others come to us for low-maintenance garden designs that, by and large, remain unchanged across the seasons. That is just one of the reasons our artificial lawns are so popular.

Having to deal with weeds on your driveway or patio can be time-consuming and tiring, and if you just don’t have the time or the energy, a stunning block paving design can quickly look neglected.

What’s more, patios pitted with weeds look even more unpleasant beside perfectly lush, green artificial lawns like ours.

By applying a sealant immediately after a new driveway or patio installation in Oldham, our landscapers and driveway specialists can ensure that every element of a garden design looks as good as it can, for as long as possible.

The Sealing Process

For the very best results, The Groundworks Team recommends hiring professional landscapers or driveway specialists to seal your block paving installations. If you decide to tackle the task by yourself, however, then we suggest only using quality, reputable products. Do your research online or speak to an expert to make sure you get the right products and tools.

The basic sealing process involves:

Call our landscapers and driveway specialists on 01484 522212 to seal block paving, as well as for garden design and artificial lawns in the Oldham area.