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Artificial Lawns

in Wakefield, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester | Wonderlawn®

Like Wonderlawn®, The Groundworks Team has a passion for artificial lawns and for artificial grass installations. Located near Huddersfield, we are a Wonderlawn® franchise for all Yorkshire and Greater Manchester areas, including Bradford, Oldham and Wakefield. Wonderlawn® has many years of practical, hands-on experience. They provide us with a genuine insight into their products, their expectations on our installations, and the realities of artificial lawns.

We realise it might be easier to offer our customers a wider range of products which allow them to choose something they like the look of. We understand, however, that it makes more sense to change their perspectives and to provide clarity on what they really need for purpose.

When customers invest into an artificial grass installation, it’s important for us to establish how they’ll use the product we supply. There are many discernible differences, for example, between smaller artificial lawns for quiet front gardens in the Huddersfield, Bradford, Oldham and Wakefield areas, and larger back gardens used constantly by children and pets.

By using premium artificial lawns from Wonderlawn®, The Groundworks Team can deliver a product which makes best use of specialist machinery and supporting materials for an installation that will not only look great, but which will also last. While other artificial grass installation companies in Yorkshire and Greater Manchester arrive at your property with tantalised timber and sharp sand for the sub-base, we take a very different approach.

We use materials scientifically designed to last. Our role as working partners of Wonderlawn® sees us operating with the only UK suppliers currently offering a comprehensive 10-year warranty on artificial lawns and their base work.

Choosing Wonderlawn® for Artificial Lawns

The Groundworks Team reminds customers in Huddersfield, Bradford, Oldham and Wakefield that Wonderlawn® isn’t like any other artificial grass. You may have heard of phrases such as “fake grass” or “AstroTurf” in the past, but these are an antiquated way of thinking about modern artificial lawns. The products we supply to you today come with benefits which help our customers and help the environment.

Conventional monofilament synthetic grass, originally designed to be colourfast and robust, tended to look green, plastic and unrealistic. Wonderlawn®, the product we use to lay artificial lawns in the Huddersfield, Bradford, Oldham and Wakefield areas, has innovative shaped fibres to prevent flattening, and a finish that’s soft enough, and colourful enough, to look and feel real.

When used in combination with a patented organic infill, an artificial grass installation from Wonderlawn® provides the following benefits:

The Groundworks Team is part of a network of licensed operators across the UK, so we adhere to installation practices which follow specific methods and always use the correct support materials. We lay artificial lawns to specification and deliver a perfect finish. Wonderlawn® is ideal for use in play areas, shaded areas, public spaces, businesses, roof gardens, putting greens and more.

Homes and Gardens

Wonderlawn® doesn’t perform like most artificial grasses. Unlike some of the earlier artificial lawns we see in the Huddersfield, Bradford, Oldham and Wakefield areas, Wonderlawn® has a real appearance, feels great and recovers well even after sustained use. Artificial lawns have never looked this good and, while we understand that this is a bold statement to make, we believe it to be true.

Older artificial lawns never wear out because they’re made of plastic and maintain their colour through UV stabilisation. Wonderlawn® is different because the technology used during manufacture is so far advanced.

Customers benefit from an artificial grass installation that requires no cutting, no watering and very little maintenance. There won’t be any mud to clean from mucky boots or from dirty paws either. But the true testament to Wonderlawn® artificial lawns is that the fibres bounce back to an original shape after use and still look better, and last longer, than the conventional plastic grasses you might already know.

The Wonderlawn® system includes the complete removal of your old lawn and the creation of a levelled sub-base that shapes and contours the surface area ahead of installation. In most cases, The Groundworks Team uses a patented organic infill. We machine brush artificial lawns upon completion of the job and leave your garden tidy.

An artificial grass installation from Wonderlawn® will give your Huddersfield, Bradford, Oldham or Wakefield property a kerb appeal that will draw admiration and envy from the neighbours in equal measures.

Family Pets Love the Feel of Wonderlawn®

Wonderlawn® and pets go together perfectly so, when you choose The Groundworks Team for an installation, you’ll never need to worry about the weather outside or having to clean muddy paws. Making the right choice from the many different artificial lawns in our sector is important when it comes to dogs and their toilet habits. Traditional fake grasses have an undergrowth known as a non-infill. Cleaning mess from a non-infill is difficult and time-intensive for our customers.

Even then, it isn’t unusual for the residual matter to leave an unpleasant smell and a potential safety hazard if you have children in the home.

Wonderlawn® recommends that approved suppliers only lay artificial lawns with their own organic infill. This infill supports the blades, increases their resiliency and makes cleaning much easier. Simply remove what your pet leaves behind, rinse the area with water and walk away. You can even use disinfectant on Wonderlawn® artificial grass without causing damage to the surface.

Sand-filled artificial lawns provide the further benefit of lasting longer, even under sustained pet use. While some dogs are more than happy to relax and enjoy the realistic feel of an artificial grass installation at your Huddersfield, Bradford, Oldham or Wakefield property, others are more active and will put our product to the test. Non-infill artificial lawns rarely stand up to these demands, and they often break down within a few weeks.

Wonderlawn® products undergo rigorous testing. Our artificial lawns can withstand 12,000 hours of continuous use with studded football boots, so pets pose no problems at all. Even if you own a larger breed of dog, artificial grass installations from Wonderlawn® cope with anything and give you many years of problem-free use.

Wonderlawn® - The Shape of Things to Come

Even our own landscapers feel surprised at how far the technology behind artificial lawns has come in the past 10 years. A conventional artificial grass installation in Huddersfield, Bradford, Oldham, Wakefield or any of the surrounding areas would normally have used flat sections of yarn which don’t have the same resilience, or the same capability to recover well after sustained use, as today’s most recent alternatives.

Wonderlawn® creates its shaped fibres by forcing raw materials through a die head to extrude them. This is the basis of all artificial lawns from Wonderlawn®. The key benefit for our many customers in Yorkshire and Greater Manchester is a lasting product that, in terms of appearance and performance, delivers an instant return on the initial investment.

Choosing Samples for Artificial Lawns

The biggest challenge people face when looking at artificial lawns for the first time is finding the right samples. Most companies send out a few random samples and ask you to choose one, but how will you know if a product is right for you? Wonderlawn® can match samples and products around your personal needs, and this helps you to choose an artificial grass that’s perfect for your property at the very first attempt.

There are two problems most of our prospective customers encounter when looking for samples:

• They have no knowledge or experience of artificial lawns to fall back on
• They do not realise that a good sample doesn’t guarantee a great installation

Wonderlawn® has earned the title of “Best Artificial Grass” from the Daily Mail. We want our Huddersfield, Bradford, Oldham and Wakefield customers to be happy with their choice of product, and we strongly recommend that they see some of the previous artificial lawns we’ve laid using Wonderlawn® products wherever possible.

Please contact us on 01484 522212 to request a sample from The Groundworks Team, or to arrange a viewing of a previous installation.

Wonderlawn® Products

Domestic and commercial customers alike can choose from an exciting product range that includes all premium Wonderlawn® lines. The information below may be of use to those who want to know which product will work best for the outdoor space and their intended purpose.

Wonderlawn® Superior – An artificial grass product developed to combine balance, softness and resilience. C-shaped polyethylene fibres guarantee good recovery after use and the Wonderlawn® Superior range has a texture that’s sublimely soft to the touch.
Wonderlawn® NaturalPlus – Real grass with developed U-shaped polyethylene fibres for amazing resilience and softness. Wonderlawn® NaturalPlus has an impressive 55mm pile and replicates the slightly non-manicured appearance of a more natural grass.
Wonderlawn® UrbanSport – Wonderlawn® UrbanSport is a multi-use artificial grass combining the performance and resilience of fibres, inspired by the world of sport. This product has a soft root zone and comes in different shades to provide an “I can’t believe that isn’t real” look.
Wonderlawn® UrbanSport Plus – This is a more progressive version of Wonderlawn® UrbanSport and uses a unique geo-infill to enhance softness, promote a more realistic underfoot feeling and add a heat-reflective layer. This product can reduce instances of sporting injury by as much as 70%.
Wonderlawn® UrbanPlay – A yarn with an advanced X-shape provides a softness and resilience up to four times of that associated with conventional artificial grass. Wonderlawn® UrbanPlay comes in a lighter colour. Variation in yarn direction makes for softer, more natural artificial lawns.

In addition to supplying the latest products from Wonderlawn®, The Groundworks Team also offers a full range of supporting artificial lawn services to help keep your new installation in the best possible condition.

To discuss artificial lawns for properties in Huddersfield, Bradford, Oldham, Wakefield or the surrounding areas, call The Groundworks Team on 01484 522212.