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Artificial Lawns and Block Paving in Bradford

Drainage Preparation

Over the years, The Groundworks Team has delighted customers with bespoke garden designs, hard landscaping works, garden maintenance and a whole host of other professional services. One of the reasons customers keep coming to us is that we go the extra mile to ensure quality, long-lasting installations. While some landscapers care only about the surface of a garden, we understand that what lies beneath also requires attention.

Whether installing block paving for driveways, sandstone slabs for patios or artificial lawns around Bradford, our landscaping and driveway specialists perform the necessary drainage preparations. Not only does this help to limit flooding or pooling water during heavy downfalls, but it can also prevent structural damage.

This page explains the importance of proper drainage and how our experienced landscapers carry it out as part of our garden design and landscaping services.


Whether using block paving, concrete or other materials, drainage preparations are an integral part of a professional driveway installation. Paving over a front garden or constructing a new driveway increases the amount of hard surface areas around your property in Bradford. This inhibits rainwater from naturally draining away into flowerbeds and gardens.

We will explain in detail why this is not a problem when installing artificial lawns in front gardens.

It is crucial that our driveway specialists achieve proper drainage for paved gardens and driveways, in order to prevent localised flooding and harmful substances, like petrol and oil, from polluting nearby natural water sources. In addition, as professional garden designers and landscapers, we ensure that all our patio and driveway installations comply with the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) Regulations 2008.

Creating soakaways is often the simplest drainage solution, however, installing driveways in materials like gravel or permeable block paving allows water to naturally drain through.

Artificial Lawns

Many homeowners in the Bradford area believe that artificial grass is just like plastic and, therefore, requires an additional drainage system. While this may be true for cheaper products, some manufactured lawns can be permeable, as with block paving. We only ever use Wonderlawn® systems because high-quality artificial lawns like theirs have a fully permeable surface. This allows water to drain through rather than to pool or stream downwards with the slope of a garden.

Just as our driveway specialists understand the importance of using the right type of sub-base for a driveway installation, our garden designers and landscapers know that you can’t just lay artificial grass on any surface and expect quality results. At The Groundworks Team, we perform a full excavation of the existing lawn, block paving or whatever the surface may be. We then install a fully porous system above the current soil sub-base.

This will negate the need for adding a separate drainage system.


Many customers around Bradford want a stylish patio included in a bespoke garden design. Not only does a patio provide an excellent space for entertaining guests during the summer, but it also links the interior of your home to your garden. As patios tend to sit alongside the walls of your house, it is essential to install proper drainage to avoid rainwater from flooding the foundations and leading to structural damage, such as subsidence.

Our driveway specialists and landscapers install a range of soakaways and channel drains to suit your needs and taste.

We can also use permeable block paving or gravel to create naturally draining patios.

Call our landscapers and driveway specialists on 01484 522212 for garden designs, artificial lawns and block paving with proper drainage around Bradford.